Guys, why would a guy text me and not respond after I respond :/?

likke he sends hey at 1am last night after he supposedly had a date that day i think (i like him but he's seeing ppl). And i text hey lol because i didn't expect him to text me (never does) and then no response. Why would he even do that i feel like its on purpose :/ if you message someone you talk to them aboout something hey is a start isn't that rude? Im ok if he fell a asleep but not to say anything the next day c'mon.

do i not text him? this is pulverizing me ;//


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  • I don't know why that happened, it's happened to me before where a girl texted me out of nowhere and I texted her back almost right away and just got radio silence, like wtf you texted me. He might have fallen asleep and forgot about it so maybe try one more time.


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  • 1am in the morning... maybe he fell asleep or forgot about the text or didn't notice it. Or says he will respond later then forgot.

    These things happen to legends like me.

  • Maybe he was drunk? High? with his friends? They might have egged him on, or they took his phone and sent that text as if it was him

    • i know but saying nothing still? ;/

    • he is not a drinker or a smoker anyway

  • Joke perhaps?

    • who does that, not funny

    • Well, you can tell me that? Shit happens you know... especially when it's via technology.