My casual relationship finally told me that he is still dating other girls, what do I tell him now?

I asked him if he's seeing other girls and he answered after 2 days.

he told me, i already know the answer after waiting that long so i replied yes of course. Thanks for telling me.

I want to cut him off now because i can't stand a status like this. How should i start? Or should i just leave it like that? Im not sure if he would still want to see me


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  • But you yourself consider it a casual relationship!
    Double standards much? πŸ™ˆ

    • Not really. Its casual but im not seeing any other guy. Only him. But yeah, i just sent him like a break up message now lol

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    • :( i miss him... I checked his whatsapp and his last active time was at 6:30pm yesterday. Its already 6am.. He's clearly sleeping with a girl... :( what should i do 😞😞

    • @asker you said you didn't want him anymore? Either message him and ask him to be exclusive like you said or delete him.
      There is no point checking after him it will make you sad


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  • Forget him. Just move on with dignity. Don't waste your life, body, emotions, or affection on him. He doesn't appreciate you or respect you.

    • Thank you!! I'll do that.

  • just thank him for the memories and move on

    • I think im going to miss him :(

    • life is all about see you laters or sadly, goodbyes

    • I definitely agree with you. Life goes on and on. Its a cycle.

  • If you refer to him as a casual relationship, then you really should have expected this.

    • Yes. I have already expected this and its my first casual relationship too.

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    • Yep. Totally.

    • Why is that? isn't it if i tell that, it'll be an ego booster for him. hmm

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  • Just tell him "I don't like sharing, so whatever this is, it won't work"

    • I told him now and it hurts a little bit :( his response too is a proof that he is not into relationship..

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    • You are right. Thank you. It was just something consistent and comfortable and it has an abrupt end, i guess i was the only one thinking about this.

    • It's ok :) its better to look after yourself when it comes to things like these. You saw the signs, and you acted on them before it could of gotten serious.

  • Ehhhhh... just cut him out of your life for good. Find someone else

    • I have expected this but i think im going to miss him.