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I have been talking to this guy for almost three months. Lately, I haven't had the chance to hang out with him for about three weeks since the first week we both had finals and the second week he still had finals. So it came to the point where he started summer classes and so he was busy with that and his son. Long story short there couple of times I asked him to hang out and he couldn't because he was busy. Thursday I swallow my pride and I called him we talk for a good while on the phone and he mention hanging out during the up coming week and I told him okay sounds good but I now I'm thinking maybe I am coming to available for him because he asked and I told yea for when we can hangout, and I am not trying to seem like that but I haven't hung out with for awhile and I want to see him and I also want to talk to him more about him about us. And now I feel like I'm back to overthinking like is it going to go anywhere, and the reason why I think this because I'm not getting enough attention from him and its making feel insecure. I just need advice on what anyone thinks about this. If it matter his is 33 and I'm 24.


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  • oh well u don't have any clear signs yet that he wants to see u... so... :/


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  • he totally likes you!