Is it racist to have a preference?

Racism by definition is discrimination on the grounds of race. If you can argue that people are entitled to have a prefernce in the field of dating, can the same not be applied to other things like employment?
Watch this video to get an idea of what I'm talking about:


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  • I'm a mass murderer.

    I only kill white people

    I'm not racist it's just my preference of who to target.

    Am I doing this right?


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  • In dating - no.
    In job opportunities (where everything is supposed to be purely objective) - yes.

    • How are they different?

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    • The Indian girl in that video completely excluded that Indian guy because he was Indian - she clearly states "I don't date Indian guys". Is she racist or is that just her preference?
      The White guy rejected that Indian girl purely on the basis that she was an Indian girl. Is that racist or not?
      I'm interested to see how you will apply your statements here.
      My suspicion is that you will have a tendency to resort to caps to express 'surprise' like "WOW" or resort to ad hominem condescending attacks like "troll" or run away.

    • What are you talking about? What video? O. o

  • No not racist at all.

  • You can't control who you're attracted to. That's the difference

    • The question is, is it racist?

    • no. you can't compare a job applicant to a potential suitor, because everyone knows that in a meritocracy, the best person should get the job (i. e. the best qualified person) regardless of their race. however, people can't control who they're attracted to. and most people want to date someone they find attractive, therefore they are not the 'best person for the job' because that person doesn't find them attractive

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  • Racism is not, simply, discrimination on the grounds of race.

    Racism is irrational discimination on the grounds of race.

    For example, if one were casting for Martin Luther King in a film, it would not be racist (or, for that matter, sexist) to call for black men only, though that would be racial (and, indeed, sexual) discrimination.

    When it comes to dating preferences, it depends on what those preferences are. For an example that would obviously be racist, imagine that you like a girl in every way, and then you find out that she has a particular racial heritage, and now you don't like her.

    But, you are entitled to have preferences, even preferences that are irrational and therefore morally wrong. You are morally entitled to do any non-violent act, including being (non-violently) racist, even in the area of employment. You don't owe anyone a job, and you shouldn't be punished by the law, though certainly the market will punish you.

  • It is not racist to have a preference and it is not racist to voice that preference. Racism is the mindset that one race is superior to another and one's opinion of attractiveness has little bearing on superiority.

  • Having a preference is fine. Racism is when you reject someone merely on merit of skin tone. So, if you found someone who was ideal for you but not the shade you wanted, would you reject them?

  • if your not attracted to a certain race than your not, calling them racist for it won't help anything. I don't think having a preference in dating is the same as racist

  • Thats a mean video man

  • Having a preference and being racist are two VERY different things. That video is retarded, and so are the guys in it.

    • The white guy did all right in the video. The Indian dude sure ruined it with his creep and fob vibe.
      Now if race and preference are two VERY different things..
      Suppose, if I was a white boss and had to employ someone. Can I not go "I don't hire blacks. It's just my preference. I have nothing against blacks, I'm not a racist"

    • Anti-discrimination laws are easy to get around. All the employer has to do is say "The candidate wasn't qualified" instead of "I prefer not to hire blacks" or "I prefer not to hire women." As terrible as it may sound, I don't think we should have anti-discrimination laws because they just don't work as intended. At least in my neighborhood, any business that discriminated against women or specific ethnicities wouldn't stay in business for long.

    • That's correct, and dating is no different - maybe in the future, legislation will make for provisions in the field of dating so that civil lawyers can help sue someone for rejecting a suitor on the grounds of race. But they can just get around it by saying "that candidate wasn't qualified" or "they didn't meet my standards" etc.
      The only reason people don't outright state their reason for rejection in employment is for fear of being sued.