If asking out, approaching, choosing a place to go when dating is so "powerful", then why don't women want men to share that power like they want?

Men to share power in everything else? They want to have the same power as men in everything except approaching and dating. I read a article on some website claiming that men have "power" (lol yeah right) in the dating game through approaching and asking out picking where they take a date, etc (lol please). The woman is the one to make or break that power by accepting or declining and that's the TRUE power NOT APPROACHING.


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  • 1/3 of you can't muster the courage to ask people out. I totally don't see it as a power.
    I think you're right in saying that the ability to choose is... better than societal expectations placed on people, namely dudes, to ask out women.

  • Because its mostly a guy thing to do

    • because socity decided it's a man thing to do. you women are equally able to ask as us guys are. just sayan

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    • in which case he'll just conclude "she wasn't that faithfull anyway" and move on.
      Guys know they get the butt end of the marriage agreement, and the court trial if/when things go sour. So they take their sweet time to pick.

      You just have to accept that fact.

    • @dartmaul15 lol not always though. Just depends on the woman to be honest

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