I will come and visit you if you would like me too? Is he waiting for me to ask him officially or say yes I would love to see you?

The last 6 months we have both been dealing with some major personal issues, and have not had much contact. There is defiantly something between us but have had our own things to deal with. I did tell him I could use a friend, not to fix my problems but someone to talk too. There is something between us, i know it's something special and a friendship like ours doesn't come along all that often. I just a little confused with I will come if would like me too, and hope it's not he feels obligated, or is this a guys way of saying I want to see you, but needs a clear yes visit me please.. We live a few hours apart, work & familys etc. I miss him, I have told him he is always welcome here.


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  • It is possible that he does need a more clear sign that you won't be offended or find it out of line for him to come see you. He could fear being an unwelcome guest


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  • Seems he is unsure what's going on. I would advise you to tell him, like you said, "Yeah, I would love to see. Just tell me when are you free and we will meet."