What if a girl asks for you to meet up for coffee?

Ok she messaged me outta nowhere on Facebook and began talking about a company she works for. And long story short she asked if I was interested and I was hesitant and I said no probably not but we've been talking back and forth not really talking about the company but I asked her to dinner or lunch if we can't get coffee and she works during most of the day. I asked her yesterday if she was off today right and she said no I'm not "but it's ok"! We can go for some coffee sometime next week and talk about the company if you want to. That's what her words were, I think it's a cover up for her to have a excuse to meet me. Is it a date or what help me out please? :0


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  • Sounds more like a business offer wait do you know her in real life? if not sounds like some scam.

    • We went to high school together, she was a couple grades below me, she knows of me and I know of her


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  • She sounds like more of a recruiter trying to get you on board with the company, and not much really in terms of dating interest.

  • Know her already? Or is she a total stranger who just messaged from the clear blue?

    If total stranger, she's trying to sell you something. Probably a network marketing opportunity she wants you to buy in on.

    TBO sounds like Amway