I asked a woman out that's associated with my work... Should I call again?

Without going to far into unessecary details, I am a purchasing agent for a company and make all decisions regarding buying. One of the representatives of a company we do business with was flirting with me one day so later I called and asked her if she wanted to get a drink, she said sure and we talked the next day for an hour. It seemed like a good conversation. She had to go suddenly and asked if she could call me back. (she said her ex was calling through, he had her kids.) So far I haven't heard back and it's been a day. In this situation I feel like I shouldn't pursue it further unless she calls because of the work relationship aspect and potentially making things uncomfortable. What are everyones thoughts?

We taled yesterday around this time
Should I text and ask see if she wants to get together?


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  • Call again.


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  • whoa dude... when u called last time?

  • I'd try again at least one time.