Guys and girls help please?

What do you guys do on a first date? Guy opinion and girls opinion. Any good ideas. Did you pick her up for a first time date and meeting each other?


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  • Pick her up, yes. Do NOT take her to the movies though. That's horrible first date, because your attention is not on one another, but on the movie, and you can't even communicate with each other. Do something special, like plan place a remote place in the woods, in a field, or at an overlook, to have a picnic. Build a little campfire for her and cook her hot cocoa, and soup, and s'mores. Just lounge around on a blanket, facing each other, and talk. Just talk and get to know one another. At some point, go for a walk. Just enjoy each other's company without any pressure of discomfort. I have done dates like that with great success every time. And it's so much more original and romantic than any restaurant or formal setting.

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    • Ok. Thanks a lot

    • No problem. It's good to get dating advice from someone who has had a lot of experience dating! I wish you the best of luck. And now am going to be wondering how it went.


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  • the first time my boyfriend and i hung out i went and stayed the night at his house because i lived two hours away and i wasn't about to do a turn around. i don't consider that a date so i guess the first "date" he took me to sushi, shopping and a movie d:

  • Pick her up and take her to a movie.


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