First date help?

Sorry if this seems kind of long, I'll make it as simple as possible:

This girl and I have known each other for a while, but only got close within the past month or so. We went to prom together and we both had a really good time. But besides that, we've only hung out a little bit, and never one-on-one, always with other friends.

I like her and I believe she likes me, and I've wanted to ask her out, however, I haven't yet because of my finals and final projects for my classes at school, which are eating all of my time and causing me a lot of stress, and I want to be able to fully appreciate her once we start doing things together, and not have that baggage. I plan on asking her out the first time we see each other after finals are over, which will be at a party this coming weeked.

We flirt over text, but I can tell she is becoming less confident since it's been a week since prom and I haven't made a move yet. Also, she is fairly hard on herself in general, especially when it comes to relationships, and is afraid of getting hurt. Thus, she often tries to pretend like she's aloof and disinterested in me when we're around other people, so it's not super easy for me to hang out with her casually.

Basically I have a couple of questions:
-Am I right to wait to ask her out until I can really give her the attention she deserves, or am I screwing it up? Should I maybe just ask her now and set something up for a week or so from now, when I'll be free?

-When I do ask her out, what should it be? Would something formal like dinner be weird since we haven't really hung out casually? Should it be something more fun and easy like bowling, ice skating, getting ice cream, etc? Or would that, on the other hand, seem too casual?

Info that might be helpful: Neither one of us has ever been in a relationship. We're both (soon-to-be-) graduated high school seniors. Also she is a very conservative girl. Thanks!


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  • whoa whoa... she's a "good" gal, so better take it slow... go for a coffee and not anything else beyond that... also don't ask her any "weird" questions :)


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  • I think you should ask her now answer set the date later on. Just let her know how interested you are but right now you're pretty busy

  • just take it slow.


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  • Drive her off to the country and tell her to Put Out or Get Out