I don't know what I should do with this girl. Suggestions?

I just started talking to this girl, but its the end of senior year and I have basic training and tech school this summer, so we want to hold off on a relationship. However, she said she wants to have a sexual relationship with a guy she has known for four years, because she promised him. She wants to do this, then pursue a serious relationship with me after tech school. Any red flags or am I over reacting?


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  • Sounds like a red flag!


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  • Well she was open about it,

    I have to give her respect for that.

    And if you all aren't together till after tech school then anyone's fair game technically.

    I would say it's a GREEN flag because she was open about that.

    • Thanks, i was thinking that way, but also worried

  • maybe she's not ready for a relationship yet?