Do I have a shot?

So there's this guy. He sits next to me in class and he is outgoing and cute. I think I like him. The thing is he is liked by many people. He would sometimes tap my foot and stuff under the table, and he would keep doing it. I'm not sure if he felt my foot or not but... He includes me in conversations and stuff even though I'm generally quiet. I'm not going to ask if he likes me but do i have a shot? He's kind of unaware of how attractive he is. There are popular girls that like him too. Especially one girl with heavy makeup and a kind of slutty wardrobe. Please help. Should i give up?


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  • Here's one of my favorite quotes

    You are enough. You are so enough its unbelievable how enough you are.


    You are yourself and in no competition with anyone.

    Only you can bring you to the table. Forget having a shot with anyone. Start thinking more like this.

    "I used to walk into a room and wonder if anyone liked me. Now I walk into a room and wonder if I'll like them."

    Stop wondering if they are up to your standards. Love yourself first and see if they are good for you. You come first in your own life. Don't put anyone above that in importance.


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  • guess u r in some kind of competition now... is he different towards u than wid other gals?

    • I Think so. He approaches me in the halls, and asks me questions in class even though there are two other girls at my table. Though he could just find them annoying. .

  • You never know sounds like you could have a shot.


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  • Keep trying!