Why would a guy have such a hard time scheduling dates?

Our first date I pretty much iniated it
he wanted to go out for coffee but he never told me place or time.. I had to text him and ask him day or day before where we were going.. he finally told me.. We had a good date I think we talked a lot and he showed signs he was into me... He contacted and asked if I wanted to go on a second date... Of course I said yes.. and I asked again where and what time.. He told me he'd get back to me... Day of the date he canceled on said he was sick... Is he just not interested
we texted a couple days before our date and he brought it up he seemed excited.. But yeah if a guy really wants to know you he should tell you time place right?


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  • He probably genuinely was sick, and his schedule might really be that busy. You have no idea what type of engagements and commitments he has!

    • This is exactly Why people should date more than one person at a time!

      Every person, when fully single, should have a steady rotation of guys/gals of interest.

      Are u seeing any other guys? ;-)

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    • Well u should! Go get some more guys to add to your rotation! 8-)

    • Guys don't talk to me :/


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  • maybe he's cancelin dates ON PURPOSE? 8_

  • he needs to be a man and hopefully he is latino


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  • If he's very busy.