Recently started seeing a guy who may be giving mixed signals?

So I met this who's 24 and so am I. He has a good job and very mature compared to a lot of other guys I've been meeting. We really connect also since we both just had major breaks up in the last year. The only difference is is that he was actually engaged to this girl. He always brings her up and i'm worried he's not over her yet. He also told me the one time that he wasn't looking for anything at the moment since he just got out of something bad with his last gf/fiance. I like him a lot but understand where he is coming from so I just told him I wasn't looking for something right away either. We went on a couple more dates and recently he's been asking about my ex boyfriend and also told me that it's time he moves on from his ex and to start dating again. Which confuses me because just a couple weeks ago he told me he wasn't looking for anything. He also has started planning trips that he wants to take me to in the summer. Is this guy just giving me mixed signals by talking about his ex all the time but then telling me that he wants to start dating again? Is he just trying to make her jealous? Does he think of me as just friend material? Or is he hinting at something else? I just don't want to end up hurt. I don't mind being friends but also don't want to isolate other guys from me while he still gets hung up on his ex and can't make up his mind. What should I do?

*When I say that he says that he needs to move on from his ex, I mean he is saying that about himself. Not about my ex boyfriend


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  • It seems he didn't want any pressure for a relationship. You did not pressure him and he's relieved and starting to turn the page on the previous relationship. Now he appears to see a potential relationship with you.


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  • you should walk away.