I have a good girl I've been dating almost two months, but things are going fast. Help me?

I am 14 and she is 17, we have known each other for 2 years thanks to a mutual lesbien friend. We liked each other for at least a year and, I don't know about her, but I thought I caught on and got stuck on what to do. While we used love in less than 3 days, have kissed with tounge for long periods of time, I got touchy (recent), we have discovered turn ons, talk about arousal like its the weather ( high altitude with a chance of rain, I just had to), and have aroused each other (face to face) and just go with it. I love her a lot and don't wanna screw this up. She says we gotta slow down but when I'm in the back seat of her moms car, I just can't help bringing my hand up her shirt and caressing her back. And when we were making out the other day she moved my hand to her butt (what a lovely experience) but seriously help I'm new to this


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  • She says she wants to slow down, so to respect that, my advice would be to spend more of your time in places where you'll feel less tempted---for example, go on dates to public places and/or go on group dates, or just spend time with each other with other friends around. Limit the amount of time you spend alone together in secluded places.


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  • This is going to be so fucking awkward when she turns 18 lmfaoooooo

  • What is she doing with a 14 yr old first off? I think she gets her kicks off this and have fun if you want but don't think it's real love please


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  • First off, good for you bro! But I don't know what you're really asking TBH. It seems like you're having fun and that's a good thing. Just go with it and keep having fun. Start getting more sexual if you and her want (foreplay, oral, sex). Just have some control when you're out in public with her and wait until you guys have some privacy. And be smart and wear a condom if you guys start to have sex. Overall just enjoy the experience.