Girls, She likes romance , movie night in the back of a stationwagon / truck?

I really really like her. The way we met, on a train, were she was flirting with me. I gave her my phone , wrote on a memo ; number, name :) ? she smiled and wrote it down for me. she then asked me to ring her , and asked my name.

we have a really nice contact , already had a follow up date last Sunday. just a drink in a bar during day time. She likes romance and i like it to. So this Thursday we want to plan another date. So i've been thinking about what to do. I want us to be able to have a conversation, so we can ask questions and get to know each other better : so i want to eat something with her at some italian restaurant. since she likes italian food.

so after that i thought about playing glow in the dark midget golf with her, never played it myself. hope she likes it, and to actually show her how much i like her.

i want to convert the back of the stationwagon / truck. into a lounge area. put some blankets there, some pillows, and take my laptop with me, and let her pick a movie. cool thing is, i can open the rooftop, there is glas, so we could see the stars. but since its raining, probably not, actually wanted to take her for a walk along a castle but i have to change my plans. So what do you think of this movie date in the back of the stationwagon. im not looking for sex, i dont want to send of the wrong message. is this a good idea? and not coming of too strong , i dont think its a bad idea or that it comes of too strong.


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  • I think no matter what you choose she will love it. she seems like the type of girl who likes you for you, and no for what you have to show her. I think she will love whatever you choose because its the thoughts and the small gestures that really count. but go with your gut on the 2nd date! I think go for it :)


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  • I'd make sure she knows you're not expecting anything, just jokingly mention that you aren't making a bed in the back of your car to try and have sex. Sounds cool though :)

  • I think that's a great idea if you want it to be romantic. If you think she may get the wrong idea then just tell her otherwise and be straightforward.

    • thanks :) ! yeah i will tell her that, that i dont want just that one thing of her, i want her. i really like her. i dont think its a bad idea either, not gonan say its original but not a lot of guys do something like that.