Girls, Do I still have a shot with her?

I dated a friend twice about three weeks ago, she said she had a great time and we did. There was some light touching and light flirting but nervouness from both sides. We did not kiss but had very long hugs at the end of both dates. I also told her how I love spending time with her and how much her smile makes my days. Outside of dates we had just been texting a lot till then and planning to do a lot of things together and hinting at dates. After the second date I told her about going to this exhibition together and she wanted to, next day she cancelled cause she would be too bush with college application and stuff the next few weeks, which I understood. Told her to tell me when she'll be free. It's been three weeks and not a word from her. Worse is, she rarely started out conversations so Im worried that even if she wants to (which I doubt now!) she won't.

Will a girl interested in someone really act like this? Or am I just having a pipe dream? We're friends so we'll likely see each other soon at some point, or worse she could simply decide to not go cause I'll be there. Perhaps I should text her casually like what's up but she said she would.. We're both 28 btw!

so why do u think I still have a shot?

anyone else?


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  • Look maybe she is waiting for you to text her first. A lot of girls, myself included, will be too proud and too shy to text a guy first. I would teXT her and say "hey, haven't heard from you in a long time, would you like to catch up this weekend." and make some plans. Try her 3 times and if she rejects you, then it is time to call it quits. But I can Assure you that even if it is Ryan goslibg, some girls will never text a guy first.

    • I know what u mean. She would never initiate a conversation. Like for example when i texted her she sent me these pics she "forgot"(?) to send me when she took them earlier in the day, things she's sure I would enjoy. So I can see how she's shy or whatever to text me first. And I was the one who told her to let me know when she's free so.. You really think I should contact her based on this things even if time has passed?

    • Yeah definitely. As I said if she turns out to be horrid then you know


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  • I don't know... To be honest it seems like she's avoiding you. Or maybe she could be really busy/stressed college applications do that to you.

  • you still have a shot!