Should I text him back?

So I have been talking to this for three months and last night hung out with and today I text him to see how the rest of his day went so I'm texting he telling me his watching the cavs game I should of known so he texts or really short. So after texting back and forth for a bit I just text this
should I text him back?
And he still hasn't text back should I just text him back saying something or just let it go. I just need advice.


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  • Just let it go. He will text back when he isn't busy. You don't want to seem too clingy or needy.

    • Okay the text that I send him did it sound mean or clingy?

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    • Yea I don't if he didn't know how reply back to that text so distracted with the game in just trying not to over think because me and him a good night last night when me and him hung out

    • Yeah just don't over think it and you will be fine. He most likely is only busy with the game. Thanks for MHO.


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  • whn was da last text sent? wait...

    • I text him asking who was winning and told me cavs are winning by 20 and then I replied back saying what the picture I posted above

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  • ask him a question, tell him something interesting or something, like "omg did you see blah blah blah" etc

    • We talk better over the phone or in person he sucks at texting

    • I know what you mean, I go through the same with the guy I'm seeing and it sucks

    • I will my friend say hey just tell him tonight or just text text him again I feel like I'm being super clingy if I do that I Know he is watching Cavs game I know he probably seen my text so it's either he text me back I'm with not to overthinking because since I do that a lot

  • text him back!