Girls would you be offended if your boyfriend never introduced you to his friends because he honestly thought you wouldn't like each other?

Like you like your boyfriend just fine but your kinda cliquey and aren't into nerdy things and his close friends are almost all nerds and play dungeons and dragons, magic, world of warcraft type stuff. And one of them isn't a nice guy and might make fun of you, but not too sure. he didn't want you to feel uncomfortable.

So would you be offended by it or see wheres he's coming from? Or should i explain it just to warn her about the possible mean friend she might encounter and the nerdy stuff?

If this doesn't bug you imagine a scenerio where you would probably feel uncomfortable around his friends and thats why he didn't introduce you guys.


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  • I would be offended just because you not introducing me to your friends would make me feel as if you're embarassed by me and you dont want people to know that we're dating. That's never a good feeling, and even if that's not your intent that might be what she feels. That's just me though

  • a little bit.

    • So it be better to tell her before hand what theyre like so she knows, then introduce them and let her form her own opinions

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  • i believe if a person doesn't introduce 2 his friends... he's afraid of their opinions