I need help with a date?

I've been texting a girl for a while , i know her from school we're on good terms and i wanna ask her out i need help from anybody who has experience in this cuz if i do this it will be the first date in my life but i'm not sure i want it to look like a date , maybe like we're hanging out together , i need ideas and suggestions for it i'm also made her a gift and she loves it but i still didn't give it to her , maybe at the end of it?


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  • Just do it bro there is always a first time for everything, when Its over you will be glad you did make it your first date instead of a friends kind of deal thats no fun

    • Any date ideas?

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    • Another thing girl want sex, they want pleassure as much as you do

    • cmale123 You have no idea what your talking about man


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  • Well the first thing you should do first is start to touch her. Touch her back, her arms, or say there's something on her neck and pretend to brush it away. If she responds well and smiles then ask her on a study date which is pretty casual.

  • Do something you'd do with friends


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  • Be confident, show you are interest dating her not just going out. Even you got rejected still pursuit and ask her again. Try hold her hand, hug her, and kiss her, get her feel really coforthable with you. Be creative loosen up and remember she also testing you. If you lucky enought sex on first date