How to be a better girlfriend to him?

I've been dating this guy I reaallyy like for about 2 weeks now (meaning he is my boyfriend) . We text a ton and sometimes walk together at school but he is always wanting to be around me and constantly trying to hang out and walk me to my classes and everything but I always find a way out of it because he makes me SO nervous that I can hardly function around him and I'm always scared that I'll do something wrong. He wants to kiss me but I told him that since he'll be my first kiss I want to wait for a little bit and he totally respects that and he says he loves that I'm not the kind of girl to just jump right into that stuff. But he's noticed that I've been avoiding him and asked about it. I told him the entire honest truth about how nervous I get around him and he said that we're going to work through it and he's just amazing but I feel like I'm not good enough for him. Like he deserves better. I feel extremely bad because earlier I was sad and he asked what was wrong and I said I don't know and he tried calling me but I couldn't answer it because I was too nervous and have really bad anxiety and I told him that I couldn't pick up because my parents were in the room. I just feel like an awful girlfriend and I don't know how to make it better. Tips please? Thanks


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  • There's no deserves better... what better, you mean like a girl with muscles? ? what relationship are you looking for actually? ...
    once he care about the person you are why would you even care if he deserves better, if you're being nervous around him that's a good thing, that you are showing him that you care about him, showing some signs. ..
    well you have to know it's not only about him it's about you both, he deserves you deserve too, even you deserve better, there are no certain values decides that, you decide it... if you want to know if this relationship is going real, tell him everything about you, he may accept it or not, you can't change your yourself to be accepted, well it's more about the you than about the how you look,
    the tip is just be clear from the beginning because it's what the relationship is about, remove all the negativities of your mind because once you care about someone you care about that one so no need to be nervous because one day in the future at that moment you will ask your self why you have been too nervous about it while you could be so relaxed about it, you'll say that didn't need that much stress. ... and the last and the most important tip... be honest


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  • don't worry u don' sound bad... wot u did is normal :)


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  • you should ask him what it is that HE wants from you.