Expecting too much too fast?

I've been together with my boyfriend for roughly two months and our relationship is mostly over Skype and the phone due to distance. We've only actually met in person four times. In the beginning things were moving very fast and I found myself becoming more invested in this relationship but when I asked my boyfriend to be more open about his feelings with me he told me we weren't there yet... When I questioned him further he went on to say that how could I expect him to be open with his feelings when we've only met in person a few times. Then he went on to say that he has a wall up because his past relationship, which was six years, he has his wall up... I can't help but wonder if all the phone calls, texts, and late night skyping didn't count at all to him? Also, why do I have to be held at a distance because of his past relationships as if it's my fault... Maybe I am going too fast?


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  • I don't think you're going too fast at all. Either he is SUPER sensitive, like he says, or he's just a goddam liar for some reason.


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  • you're going too fast.