I'm meeting his friends at a concert on Saturday?

Any advice?
I've been hooking up with his guy an an entire year.. Our sexual chemistry is incredible, we're just not official or anything. I can tell things have been going well lately and 3 weeks ago he asked me to a concert on the Saturday which is now happening this weekend. At first i at first I thoght it was just gonna be me and him, but now some of his friends want to reach too, so he says we'll be with them as well now. Not that I don't have a problem with it.. It's just that I've never met his friends before (he hasn't met mine either) which I'm nervous about, and now I fel unsure if he's taking me as a friend or as a date and hoping his friends will like me. I've been single for two years and have no idea how to act. Any advice is appreciated!!

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  • Usually if a guy is introducing you to his friends, it means he wants their opinion of you. So maybe he is thinking he might make it official at some point. Not sure if he is like most guys though... Either way I don't want you to feel pressured or anything so just relax and be yourself. It's okay to be a little nervous, but try to hide that as best you can without seeming awkward. Good luck, hun!


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  • I honestly think you should be prepared for him to introduce you as his girlfriend but dont be upset if it does not shake out that way

  • Don't try to hard just be yourself. I bet if your partner is interstellar in you then his friends probably like you as well. Don't stress just have fun.👍


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  • its a date!