Sometimes I feel like a robot?

Just got dumped by my girlfriend of two months (for "bad behavior"). I think she expected me to be sad or angry, hell I expected to be sad or angry. I just said ok. I literally had no feelings of regret or anything, and that night I just went out and talked to more girls. I think she was surprised by my lack of response and texted me two days later wanting to chill. I said no. Sometimes the lack of emotion, especially in dating makes me feel like a robot. Diagnosis?

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  • Just because you're great at compressing your emotions doesn't mean u do not have them.

    You come across rather cold and selfish.

    • I don't owe her anything, she's the one who dumped me.

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    • Yeah the week leading up to the breakup I spent everyday with her except Saturday, and Sunday morning. Saturday their was a party and Sunday morning I had to bail my friend out of jail.

    • Wow, well I'm on ur side then.
      She sounds selfish now.
      U spent everyday with her except for three days?
      She seems to feel entitled.
      I think you are handling this well !
      But I do stick to my original thought that I feel u are compressing your emotions so u do not feel the hurt.

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What Girls Said 4

  • bottle your emotions, it's good for ya

  • It might be that the fact that you are broken up hasn't really hit-home yet, or it could be because it did hurt but the feeling has just become numb.

    • I don't think I'm numb, I still feel happy or angry or bored.

    • Well maybe you had enough with her and the relationship so you just feel "sexy free and single and ready to mingle" congrats!

  • You're probably holding your emotions back

  • You just didn't care enough for her.

    • The same could be said for her, as she was the one to dump me.

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    • Well I got into a fight, it was inevitable. I went to go bail my friend out of jail and she got mad at me for that. She wasn't treating me very well and expected to be treated like a princess

    • It doesn't sound bad, so I guess you're right, she didn't care about you that much either. You seem to care a lot now though?

What Guys Said 3

  • hahahahhaha no dude that's good... would u rather 2 break down n cry?

  • It's as old as time itself. She wanted you to whither up and die just because she broke up with you. The only 'bad behavior' you are guilty of, as I see it, is maturity. You don't come across as robotic so much as you do gracious and socially adept.

  • sometimes i think... thats actually a good thing