2+ years of dating and no I love you?

I've been with my be for over 2 years and we've never said I love you. He's my first real long term relationship and I'm his third. He has told me that he fell in love with his exes very quickly. He was hurt in those relationships.

But he's never said those 3 words to me and it's been over 2 years. Is it because he doesn't love me or because he's scared of being hurt again? Am I wasting my time in a relationship where the feelings aren't there? I know you guys don't know the entire story but any guesses? Thanks!


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  • If you love him, then say it to him. If he doesn't say it back, ditch his ass. 2 years is too long to waste on anyone. Life is short, don't waste time on a "maybe."


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  • Wow, 2 years? I feel for you.. That is rough. And a very tough situation.

  • It's been 2 years. Not sure what his fear is. Talk to him and ask him why he hasn't said it