Birthday Dinner?

We started dating a few weeks ago and it is his birthday soon. By then, we would have been dating almost for a month. We are going to eat at this restaurant that is slightly upscale (each entree costs around $15-20). I want to get him something for his birthday... Should I pay for the dinner?
And would that be my present to him? Or should I buy something else too?

I asked him when we were texting if he had any plans other than the dinner. He told me that he forgot to tell me that he has to go to his relative's house and cannot meet on his birthday. He found out yesterday but I kind of feel frustrated and mad that he forgot to tell me... am I overreacting?


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  • I was in the exact same situation when I started dating my husband. Started dating on December 21st, and his birthday is January 17th. We had already known each other for a few years at that point but it's still weird. We completely skipped Christmas. What I did was take him out for dinner and I also bought him a phone case that he was looking at for awhile. I paid for everything.

    It doesn't have to be super fancy. Definitely pay for the whole dinner, maybe also dessert/cake if he's into that, and buy him a small item on the side to give to him over dinner.


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  • Tell him to not wear socks and when you're in the restaurant tell him you're not wearing panties and a very short skirt.

    Well... that's the kind of thing I'd like. Maybe a bit early for a month of dating.

  • bettter each their own ;)

  • You don't have to get him anything and paying for him is enough. The act of already doing something special and remembering his birthday is more than enough.


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  • Definitely pay for his dinner. If you get him anything else, don't go extravagant. Maybe a card and his favorite candy or something along those lines. Pick out something small that you know he loves! You don't want to go over the top cause that could make you look clingy. BUT, definitely pay for his food!

    • Thanks! I wasn't sure if it paying and getting something was going over the top since we would've dated only for almost a month.
      By candy, do you mean like the small packs they sell at marts and stores? or like boxes?

    • Lol no like just something small. Let's say he's a skittles fan... get him two bags of skittles and a card, plus offer to buy dinner. That's plenty right there for the amount of time y'all have been dating.