He's pulling away. Should I pull away also?

Been seeing a guy for about a month and a half. Things were going really well and he was a total gentlemen. He planned fun dates and we both kept in contact daily. I felt he was truly interested in me. And just before this weekend he started to text slightly less and seem less interested. We haven't hung out since last Thursday and normally we would have once by now. I sense he is pulling away or seeing other people. (We have not talked about being exclusive yet, and he is very busy with work lately). Should I be worried? Should I brush him off for awhile? Or should I mention that I feel a shift. I'm never like this I am not a needy girl at all, but I can sense a change.


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  • no... if u r interested u should chase him back 8)


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  • Has he been initialization all actions? Text, dates etc?

    • Yea he did initiate more than me. But I still initiated texts about 25%

    • Perhaps he feels he is pushing/working to hard for your attention.

      What you could do is ask him out to something and gauge his receptivity to the plan. (Phone better than text)

      Also, he may be getting bored or have a different prospect available.

      Good luck anyways, let us know

  • Usually after im with a girl for bout that amount of time i feel i can be more natural and constantly talking too her.


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  • Dont panick yet :) maybe he is just busy? you havnt talked at all since last thursday?
    You could always give him a text? and if he seems a bit odd than just confront him but not in a psycho way. Good luck!