Too old?

Do you think that 23 is too old for someone who is 18? I don't want to seem immature because there is a bit of an age gap and I'm still kind of young, plus I have never been in a relationship before so I don't even know how to act.


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  • You are both adults. Age shouldnt be the deciding factor. Its if you "want" to be with "this" person.

    Also don't try to be someone you are not. Jus be yourself and if the guy thinks its immature let him think that because if you have to "act" a certain way when you are around him, you are not going to be yourself therefore you are not going to be happy. Don't ever compromise who you truly are for anyone. It'll only hurt YOU.


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  • no not at all...when someone turns 18...age is just a number, you're both legal adults now.

    • Depends which country you live in ;). the legal age in Tunisia is 20, whereas in some Mexican states it's 12.

    • Depends in what state you live in ;) the legal age in Idaho and Hawaii is (14), whereas in Arizona and California, it's (18).

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  • Age is just a number weather your 18 and he is 23 it doesn't matter because if you want to be with this guy because if you love / like him and he thinks your immature then he don't deserve to be with you because if your random Ur yourself and DON'T Be SOMEONE YOUR NOT