How can I finally get the girl?

Know what, this time I want to subvert the way my story usually ends and get the girl. I've felt remarkably sane for the past week, so I'd say now's my best chance. Anyway, so, my issue is, um, she's, ya know, pretty, and popular, and funny, and confident, and outgoing, and actually interesting and fun to talk to, and, I'm well... at best I think I'm good looking, but that depends on my self-esteem. I'm well-known, maybe infamous, more ditzy and sarcastic than really funny, more arrogant (though that's mostly because I'm not confident and barely like myself at all... making the arrogance a facade, I know), I can be fun to talk to at the very least but most people ignore me, and I'm not really outgoing, since I've gotten so used to being alone that's what I tend to do. We're really just similar in that we have similar interest and we're kind of both wild, although I'm the crazy one that endangers his own life for a thrill. I have known her for a couple years, and we at least got along when I pretended not to notice her. I didn't intentionally ignore her, at least until I started liking her (a lot of bad luck in love left me in denial about it, so I stamped those feelings down while laughing maniacally). Well, I regret that now, I still am into her, and want to get to know her now, at least better than I do. Also, one more detail, she's white and I'm black, and that's part of the root of my insecurity about all of this, a part of me is scared that she'd reject me because I'm black (a lot of girls, I felt, found me unattractive because of this). Can anyone help me? I'll try not to go psycho and start yelling at anyone this time... though I did say try...


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  • just be nice to her.

    • That leads to being, le friendzoned


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  • Ohhh my gosh!!! I have to same problem. Id say go for it. You dont want to regret it


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