Second Date Contact?

In a nutshell:

-Met for coffee last Sun for about hr. -He texted after to see that I made it home and that he had a really nice time -I replied stating the same -He asked if I was free next Sat (today) and if I want to go on a date (yes he called it a date) -I said I'm interested -Made a few suggestions and we agreed on one, said he would Google a few places later that night -Next day he texts jokingly about me checking out his profile (he's also checked out mine since our coffee meet, so I reciprocated to let him know I'm interested) -We exchanged a few more texts -Next day I just sent a 'hello, hope your day is going well' to let him know I was thinking about him -he literally responded a minute later, despite stating how busy it's been for him Ever since Tuesday, we haven't been in contact and our date is set for tomorrow. Now I'm scared he won't contact me and that it won't happen. The first time we met, he contacted me the day of to ask if we are still on: should I be allowed to do the same or will that seem desperate? I hope I hear from him.. Thanks!

Oh! I forgot to mention that I made other plans just in case we won't be meeting up. And I know that there are a bazillion questions like these and I've read previous answers to get some ideas but I still feel a little conflicted. I want to seem interested but at the same time i want the guy to pursue. I'm not stressing about it but ugh I was looking forward to it. anyway thanks!
Welp! It's after 5, still hasn't contacted/confirmed. Thinking about contacting him at ~8 to see if we're still meeting *shrug*


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  • last Sunday... wait a little bit better!

    • Yeah it was last Sunday, today is Friday and we had talked about meeting tomorrow evening. But it's still morning and I'm still hoping he'll contact later today. I'm not stressing about it, I just hope he does :)


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  • You seem to he intelligent and well spoken. I trust you choose men carefully. I really think he will meet you and your date will be great. Be safe. Have fun.


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  • If you were the last person in the conversation don't say anything and wait, but if he said the last thing just text him asking if your still on for the date very short and to the point.

    • I was the last person to say something (typical me haha!) In this case do you think I should wait to hear from him?

    • Yes wait to hear back from him, and girl I know its hard if your really into him. But patience sometimes is a virtue.

    • Yeah it is VERY tempting to contact him and ask 'what time are we meeting/did you find any cool options?' Ah oh well, I guess we'll see!

  • You can still do the same.

  • so normally u contact him first?

    • No, I only contacted him first one time and that was Tuesday when I texted 'hope you're having a great day' he's usually the one to initiate

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    • relax girl, if he doesn't contact u, it means it will still happen tomorrow. I also have a meet up with my guy, he's not my boyfriend yet, I don't think I will contact him or he will contact me, I just let him know when I will be there (we live 30 km far and I want to visit his place) but if I have any problem, I just text him. Last time I arrived and then just texted him like "I'm outside of ur door", he was just surprised said "oh, I though u would let me know 30mins in advance" lol but see? He expected me to contact him sometimes, but I just don't do that, and vise versa

    • Good point, thanks for the insight! :)