Could this lead to something more?

There's this guy I've known for three years and we've recently became closer than we were before. We just so happened to have the ability to sit together for a couple hours and laugh and talk about anything we thought of. He did mention that I was the only person he's remembered being that comfortable with (I was massaging his hand because it was hurt and he had the other one on my leg and we were very close together). We have a lot in common and have similar goals for ourselves and our careers. Our mutual friends have made it a point to tell both of us (together or not) that we would make a nice couple because we seemed to have a good connection and a good level of understanding each other. I wouldn't mind us being together because I have always found him attractive and I have also had a certain level of awe and admiration for him and he tells me the same. Could this lead to other things or just a strong relationship? (we text often and have rather flirty topics of conversation more and more lately)

Two of my best friends that happen to be friends with him as well say he finds my quirks really attractive and cute. They also say he finds me attractive which I was aware of.


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  • Take it one step at a time and see where it leads! You do sound a compatible couple. It's when you can sit together for an hour or two with nothing said. Just enjoying being with each other. He sounds a very decent guy, so give it a go. You have very little to lose with this guy. Grab a chance and you won't be sorry for a might-have-been!!

    • Thank you, and he is and my best two friends are friends with him and they are trying to see what he really thinks of me. It would be nice to have a decent boyfriend every once in a while

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    • I went for it and asked him how he felt and turned out you were right. he actually liked me a lot

    • That's exactly how I would have been feeling! So pleased it's working for you!!

      Thanks for MHO!! Take care, stay safe!!


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  • It might be leading to something

  • guess so... wot makes u hesitate?

    • I hesitate because I don't know if he likes me the way I like him and I don't want to turn a really good friendship into something awkward you know?

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  • i think it could.