Girls, so I asked the girl on a date, she said in three weeks (when the semester is over) but has gone out elsewhere, is that normal?

I mean I personally get parties and friend hangouts being spontaneous and why not, you know? I guess since I haven't asked anyone out in a while and all that, I just was curious as to if you consider that a bad sign or whatever? I mean what do you make of it? I guess I'm just a little wary from being stood up once in the past.


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  • I say it's fine, I do that myself. if someone asks me out at a time with a lot going on, i would like can we postpone this please. Its nothing personal but i wouldn't be myself and enjoy the date if i have other stuff going on my mind.


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  • Maybe she doesn't want a potential relationship till then but still wants to go abut and do things

    • I'm kind of hoping that's what it is. I mean if she was trying to lose me she wouldn't be responding to my messages or stuff, probably.

  • not normal.

    • So what would you make out of it?