How to tell if you the ugly one that girls talk about?

I always hear that girls talking about how they can't stand when ugly creepy guys talk to them. The question is would I know if girls would consider me as one of those guys. I normally keep to myself and have never had a girl approach me. I have always been told that I would never get a girlfriend, because I am overweight and have my problems. Even though I go to the gym and play basketball (cardio) and started lifting weights the last 3 wks. On top of that I have no idea of what to say or how to approach girls I don't know yet find attractive. I just seem to feel hopeless since I can't seem to lose weight and approach girls. It seems like I feel that I am pretty much worthless since I am always told that I will never get a girlfriend and the results happen to be true.


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  • Unfortunately, you fit into the "ugly creepy" category right now--which isn't fair, because odds are you aren't actually being creepy, but women today throw that around very casually--it's almost come to mean any man a girl isn't interested in, despite the word actually having more sinister connotations, so definitely not fair.

    Keep working out, keep trying to feel good about yourself. When you shape up a bit, start asking out girls--some will still think you're creepy, but you have to push through that until you find out what works with them.


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  • you're not worthless!


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  • when they say "ugly creept dudes".. maybe they'd give some nasty angry look on u :/

  • People told me the same stuff man and it destroyed my self esteem its why im 23 and never had a girlfriend and why i think a girl will never find me attractive

  • At 25 ur still worried about kids shit? Growup

    • Grow up!! For what? Finances? Material things? Paying taxes? Hunting? I dunno what the hell you define as a man, but I will tell you this: everything means nothing if you unloved and can't get a girl. It means everything. And advice like yours? I think you need to grow up.

    • U need togrow up thats why u have nobody cause ur a pussy