Got any Dating advice?

So I'm going on my first date soon... I'm turning 16 and my parents are finally allowing me to date! Any helpful hints or any advice for a newbie to the dating scene?


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  • Just be yourself, don't be afraid to hurt his feelings or speak your mind, and have a great time!

    • Alright! Be myself and don't fear mind speaking.

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    • Oh i see, like teasing him?

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  • Don't go on "pity dates," where you agree to go on a date with a guy you know deep down that you're not interested in, mainly because you want to avoid hurting his feelings. If you know you don't like a guy, it's far better to turn him down immediately instead of misleading him.

    • Alright. I'll try to keep from doing that... But i do have a rule: if a guy is brave enough to ask me on a date I might as well give him a chance. after that date I'll decide if I want to pursue a relationship or just drop it.

    • Fair enough.

  • Keep your pants on, and if you ignore that, at least use a condom. And if you ignore that, there's no helping you.

    • Yeah. I plan on keeping these pants of mine on at all times. Thanks.

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  • just be yourself!

    • Generic buy true. I'll try my bestest!