How do I avoid getting unreasonably mad at my boyfriend?

I find myself getting mad at my boyfriend even if I'm not supposed to. Like sometimes he does something by accident, and I get mad even if I know he didn't mean to do it. Other times he does something, I get mad even when I know there's nothing else he could do so he's forced to do it. Just like today, he can't text me because he's out of load (in my country, we need to reload our phones so we can call or text), so I called and told him to download an app that only requires internet connection so we could communicate whenever he's out of load. I was pretty excited because he said he'd download it but I noticed he was taking too long, so I called him. Turns out, he will download it tomorrow because "they have to sleep early because they still have to go to church tomorrow." I asked him, "So what if you have to sleep early? It only takes a few minutes to download." I had to ask him repeatedly before he explained that his dad turned their internet off so they'd sleep early. I got mad at him for not explaining properly. I got mad at him for running out of load. Ugh, and it makes me feel bad. I know I'm not supposed to be mad, but I'm feeling angry. I don't know. How do I avoid this? I want to maintain a healthy relationship with him, so I have to stop being so immature. But how?


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  • hahha no u r not immature... sounds like he's da conservative one ;)

    • Could you explain further on the conservative part, please? :)

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    • that's y i was sayin dat... i'm 23 and a rebel 8)

      am i bad? :p

    • Cool :D No, I don't think you're bad, considering you're one of the only 2 people who shared an opinion on my post. You both calmed me down.
      Personally, I think being a rebel doesn't necessarily make you a bad person. :)


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  • Well it's pretty good you at least realize what's going on.

    just chill.

  • Stop the nagging... if you keep doing that's then he will slowly push a way from you..


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  • Every time you feel like getting mad at him, have a conversation with yourself and ask yourself a couple of questions: "Is this worth being mad for?" or "If my boyfriend was mad at me over this would it be fair?"
    If the answer is no, then you should do other stuff to distract yourself.