He cancel plans on me?

So the guy I have been talking to for almost three months has canceled plans on my today. Him and I and his son was suppose to go swim at Kalahari indoor waterpark but he text me saying this " Hey, is tomorrow an option? Tonight is night for my cuz and he already has out tickets. I totally forget. He talking about his cuz UFC fight. Him and I talk about going to the indoor water last Friday but plans weren't set in stone because I had to ask my managers for the tickets which were free but still I look online the poster of the UFC fight has been on his cuz facebook wall since May 22. I know he telling the truth but I am hurt he also I told him that we can't go tomorrow because I work a late shift and getting tomorrow tickets won't work and that we can go later date. He text back saying K, awesome. But i'm just hurt and upset because I really looked forward to hanging out with him and his son and now I got off work early i'm just siting at home with nothing to do. I just advice on what to do about this because I feel like I won't be planning anything else with for awhile.


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  • I felt like this once. U should b straightforward with him about ur feelings and tell him that eventhough u understand, u still felt hurt. Cause in female mind this seems like he is choosing that other event he forgot about over u. It can seem unreasonable to say this, but this is how i felt (tell him). U will feel better if u tell him ur side of things because probably next time he will b more careful about ur plans in order not to hurt u. I had a simmilar situation with my boyfriend once and it was one of the things i had a more difficult time forgiving him for, because i was just feeling hurt (hehad cancelled our plans last minut and felt it wouldn't be a big deal for me). Since then nothing of the sort has happened again. Communication can avoud hurt feelings or at least make things better when someone hurt the other umintentionaly.


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  • hmm is this da 1st tim he cancels plans? if not then he's obviously avoidin u


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  • Is it the 1st time? If yes, give him a chance.