I feel girl is interested but also feel she is hopelessly leading me on at times?

i know her from the pub we both go to often , i have seen her there a lot over the years and know some of the girls she is friends with as well. but we aren't necessary that close and haven't really got to know each other much we more just see each other there. there has been a couple incidents where i have been into her maybe a bit too much some nights and others where she has come on to me and went rate beside me at bar trying to get my attention and others she has wore revealing skin tight pants and like i couldn't help but notice her or had to squeeze rate by her and barely avoid touching her bum ( bar is rather small so when crowded can be awkward encounters when you try and move around )

but anyways we have never actually done anything physical or like dated and is far as i know she has a boyfriend it might be off again on again but he is in the picture and at bar some nights as well. i've never really talked to him but i think he knows i have a thing for her and may have suspected she had a thing for me too. i just feel she is leading me on or just wants attention and knows she has a nice body and doesn't mind showing if off at bar. i do like her but feel situation is rather hopeless that we would ever actually be together in a normal relationship


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  • she's leading you on.


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  • I don't think she is interested, plus she has a boyfriend.


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  • hmmmm

    wot actually makes u believe she's leadin u on then?

    • just how I've felt about things , been some incidents where she tried to get my attention and way she acted around me I don't think she'd have done those things if she didn't want my attention and why would she want that unless she liked me on some level

    • when u say shwin off yer body... wot if she doesn't do it on purpose?

    • she has to be doing it on purpose , the last 2 times I saw her there she was wearing those pants and never that far away from me , the one night she even came over and tried to talk to me or ask me something , she might of been looking for a girlfriend I can't remember but she still came over which I though was odd for her to do