Does it seem like he feels the same way?

I feel like this guy likes me. But Its the end of the year and nothing really seemed to happen. I wrote a note to him through one of my friends. His friends were laughing, but he was serious and he wasn't laughing. He was just like, "did she actually write this to me?" The next time I saw him, he didn't say anything because his friends were around, he was staring at me like he wanted to tell me something. His friends were acting really rude, one of them said, "is she crying?" And they kept asking him questions. I feel relieved that I told him though. Does it seem like he likes me?


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  • his friends r assholes... guess not da best guy, if he has friends like this...

    • If you're annoyed I keep posting this stop changing your fucking answer and don't answer

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  • i think he does.