Girl at my job is trying to get rid of me?

There is this girl at my job who is trying to get rid of me. How do i know? well she keeps making comments about my ethnicity... and its not those kind of comments but those kind of sneaky comments... trying to make me feel ''different''. I have learned to just not react on those or just give her this fake smile. But she also doesn't want me to work with her and if i do work with her its always like she is acting as if im stupid, this might cost me my job because she keeps pushing me away. I work at a pizza place/pasta place and all im doing now is pasta for like the past 6 months, they never let me do the pizza because i fucked up one time and i just had to keep on practicing but they won't let me anymore. What should id do about this? just leave and find a new job?


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  • Where I live we have a "Spy Headquarters." store where you can buy tape recorders that look like pens etc. Document the time, place, and exactly what she says to you verbatim. You can also go online to find tiny recording equipment and record her saying those things to you. Be fair though, tell her that you do not appreciate her comments and record that too.


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  • That girl is mean, I would just leave and find a new job. You could probably do so much better than a pizza/pasta place. Hope all turns out good! :)