Guys, Last night?

So last night this guy I've been taking to came over. Before he arrived he asked if he could spend the night I said yes. So he came and we had some dinner and watched half a movie before heading to the bedroom where he was really good at teasing but when I got to take over 4 min later it was over REALLY fast. I was up upset but I didn't at anything & all he said was in sorry your just really good. Anyways after that we cuddled and later he told me he couldn't spend the night b/c his roommate wanted him to help finish packing so he left and texted me when he got home. Point is I don't believe him at all I feel like he left for some other reason. But I'm not sure why?


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  • probably embarrassed at going off half cocked (pun intended) He should have had a wank before hand or if he comes over again then make him use 2 condoms and get the thick ones.. Sounds like it was only just in you before it went off...


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  • did u ask him?

    y should he lie?

    • I did ask he said that he asked me before he got home and saw how much there's was to pack still. But when he came over he had a bag (I'm assuming it was cloths) so why would he bring a change of cloths if he knew he had to pack. u get me?

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    • he said that his roommate told him before he came over. So again why would he bring a bag if he wasn't staying & why would he wait until after we... Until he told me. But then his phone did vibrate when he was in bed (I'm not over protective so I didn't Think much of it) but if he got a text then left it it wasn't a girl cuz he texted me all night I don't know he's just confusing

    • weird... guess he wanted 2 make u believe dat he'll stay maybe :p

  • He was definitely embarrassed.

    Any reason you think it's not that simple?

  • Maybe he was embarrassed because he couldn't last very long?