When should we kiss?

ok so im dating this guy and he's 2 months younger than me (im 14) and we have hugged and held hands before and last night he told me he loves me <3 :D its only been a week since he asked me out but we were practically dating like a month before he asked me... if that makes sense. and we haven't yet ever talked about our relationship directly, so I don't know if thats good or bad but before he asked me out we talked about my first kiss (which was with another guy, obviously), and i asked him about his and he said he hasn't kissed anyone yet. anyway, a few days ago we were alone in the park and i thought he was gonna kiss me, but he didn't... :( and i know that he's just scared, but im not. so, when do u think we should kiss? and should i kiss him or wait for him to kiss me? what should i do?


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  • it's early i guess...


What Girls Said 1

  • wait for him to kiss you.