Is My Ex Interested Or Just Wants To Be Friendly?

In January my ex had dumped me saying we didn't connect and that I never seemed to want to talk. I found out this reason when I ran into him on Valentine's day when I was out and he texted me asking to have me back. The next day he told me why he broke it off and that it probably wouldn't workout a second time unless something major changes. Now today after not talking to him since then he sends me a picture of a rug he had made, which he was working on when we first met. Then he asked me how I had been and I said good but he said "I'm ok". Later in the conversation he asked if I had been seeing people I said no not really but he told me he was seeing one person briefly. The conversation continued, and we were just talking about work stuff. Then he just stopped texting me. Why would he text me that and ask me those questions. Does he like me still or just wants to be friendly. I do still like him but I don't know if I should say anything.

Forgot to add we met online we were never friends before dating or anything. We also only dated for 3 months.


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  • nah didn't how any signs... so just friendly

    • Ok that's what I thought it was just random and out of nowhere lol


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  • You both sound confused.. maybe just ask him straight out?


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  • he's interested.