Analyze my situation should I follow him on Instagram?

So there's this guy I really like but one problem:
in the beginning of the year someone on his Instagram asked him if he liked anyone and he described someone who fit my description perfectly but never clarified who it was
when homecoming came around he didn't go with a date (his twin brother did) and niether did I we went with our own groups of friends and I asked him to dance with my friend and i and he did but he left shortly after without excuse
now its the end of the year and I got to talk to him a few weeks ago and we were both very engaged in conversation and he was very nice and answered all the questions I Asked him (may have mentioned he could do 60 push ups and showed me a video of him in a race) and I kinda shook his hand afterwards
a few days after that I walked into the library and Sat behind him. His brother saw me walk in and sit behind him and he started calling his name from across the room and they exchanged some sort of silent glance I couldn't make out what they were saying.
anyways it's final exam week and I just got an Instagram. its late at night and he's cute should I follow him or nah? too awkward?


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  • "may have mentioned he could do 60 push ups and showed me a video of him in a race"

    ughhhh really? sounds like a no-good guy..


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  • do it go follow him :)


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  • Follow him.

    DO IT.

    I am Peer pressuring you to follow him. Now you have to. Also what 22yr old has homecoming? where is this school? Also people talk on insta? I feel behind on the times.

  • follow him!