Needed some advice on a guy I can't stop thinking about?

There's this guy I work with and I don't stand a chance with. He's tall, sexy, brown hair and amazingly beautiful brown eyes. I hear him talk sometimes and he cares about people a lot. He's confident and funny. Whenever he smiles at me I feel like my legs are gonna brake. I think about him a lot. He's tried to start conversations but I'm shy and give one word answers. On top of that he's so damn hot I can't really look him in the face. Even though I give one word answers I feel he listens and sometimes even repeats it back. There's an age difference but I'm legal it's all good. There's some signs he might be interested but I'm not gonna let it go to my head. I would try harder to talk to him and to show him I like him but he's not just a coworker he's one of my bosses. After rereading this I realize I didn't ask a question I vented but I would appreciate thoughts on this. Thanks for reading.


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  • The day I make girl feel like that. It'll be a good day. Anyway. As far as the guy. Just talk to him. I'm sure ur good. Start to open up a little.


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  • difficult.. how old is he btw?

    • He is probably around late 20s early 30's.

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    • Sounds like heis a pop guy... so difficult 2 notice u back... unless he 's interested as well

    • No like I said he's one of my bosses. He notices everyone and talks to everyone. It's part of being a good boss.

  • never date your boss, you should know better. Unless he the CEO


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  • tell him you like him.