Hung out with a girl and her friends, I feel depressed?

Hung out with a girl and her friends, I feel depressed that I can not talk to her or tell her how I feel.

I really like her, she is sweet, kind, friendly and a good person. But I feel like im not good enough to ask her out, and then there is the other issue where she has lots of friends and if we were to hang out more I would have to socialise with them more and then get to know them. It feels like a lot of pressure.

Is it worth telling her how I feel?


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  • Well first off dude, you need to realize a couple things. First she is human, your putting her on a pedestal and that is never a healthy thing to do. Honestly, if I were you I would get it in your head that she is either already seeing someone or not interested in you like you are with her. Second, it isn't bad to spend time with her and her friends, but you do need to try and get some more one on one time with her. Try talking with through facebook or text messaging. Find out what she is interested in and maybe talk about a shared interest. The last thing I would do is this (only if you are still not getting the level of attention you feel you need), plan your own thing to do with her and some friends. Here are some example places that you could invite her and some friends to, where you should still have some time to get to know her; a rock climbing gym, a putt putt course, a board game night, a craft night, etc. (just some ideas for you to run with).

    Whatever you do, do not tell her your feelings right up front like you are thinking. It sounds like she has no idea what you are feeling, and when you catch people of guard like that they tend to over react (or just react in a way that doesn't get you the best result). You still need to make the case of your awesomeness that much better!


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  • you should tell her.


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  • Well are you happy just jerking off and bustin nuts all over yourself or do you want to be deep inside them suger walls with just the nuts hanging out?

  • depressed?

    y dude... if i was u i'd feel happy in his situation.. :|