Me or girl I am trying to date has no sense of humor?

I can't seem to understand this girl.

I tried all sorts of funny jokes with her but she just doesn't laugh. She was the one who suggested we go out somewhere to watch a movie but I can't communicate with her. She has some passions but she does not seem to know how to talk about them.

I already lost a lot of interest in her, I can't see how anything will work with her. Even being friends will not work. What gives. Other girls laughted a lot at my stuff and at least had something to share back. Unless I push for everything I won't get anything out of her.

What should I do? I can't continue like this with her because I am starting to feel like crap like I have some problem.

If things go like this I will have to dump her.


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  • Yes, don't wait around, it will only get more awkward. Just stop calling, you don't have to 'dump' her. I'm sure she won't be shocked when she doesn't hear from you.


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  • Yeah.. get one of those girls who laughed at your stuff.


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  • maybe she's jealous coz, other gals laugh at u... and she cannot take it?

  • For the most part, girls don't like you because they think you're funny, they think you're funny because they like you

    Unless you're a standup comedian