Am I being needy?

So I've been on 4 amazing dates with this really nice guy. He's treated me so well and he's respectful which I love. However I don't know if maybe I'm just smitten but I feel like we don't see each other that often. From the time we've had our first date, it's always been an evening date every 5-7 days. He works long days and sometimes non-stop for five days then he gets a couple of days off work but I never really see him when he has days off work, I'll see him once for an evening date even when he's free the whole day. I don't need to see him every day, i just thought we would vary our dates to day time sometimes or night time sometimes... Am I being too needy?


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  • Relationships are built on compromise on both sides. I have just been dumped by a girl i was dating, where i was told by people i needed to speed up the dates, i hadn't kissed her on the lips after 2 dates and on the third i did she got cold feet and called it off, said she thought we were friends only. So i guess if we were more open from date two with each other we could have set out the path we wanted to take. I guess what you need to do is talk to him about it, it's not easy, last thing is you want is a scenario like mine when your boyfriends doesn't really understand why and would have taken a different approach if if he had of known. good luck


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  • gues he's da one who needs 2 take some break of his job ;)


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  • No, you're not too needy. He just sounds too busy. Maybe find out if he's a workaholic. That would be my next question to him.