A question for Catholics?

In a relationship do you want Hod to be the center of it. What is your opinion on having a good, stable, and loving relationship with another Catholic? Would it matter if they aren't Catholic and at least Christian?


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  • For me personally, I wouldn't write her off, but my faith is still VERY important to me. I would want to be able to share the fullness of what I believe with her, have her do likewise, and both of us be able to completely understand it. That's not to say that we wouldn't be able to understand each other's faith or help each other grow, but I believe it would be much better done if we were both in full communion.

    Now, I wouldn't be on a quest to convert her. Yes, I would pray for it every day, but I wouldn't make her accept it, nor would I end the relationship over it. My preference, however, would very much be to date and marry a Catholic.


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  • Having God at the center of the relationship would depend in if the girl was Catholic or not. If she was not Catholic it would not matter as much. Personally I have a slight preference towards wanting a Catholic or a Christian woman. However if I got into a relationship and really loved a girl her being non-Catholic or Christian would not be a deal breaker, unless she refused to let me continue to practice my beliefs on my own. I would not force my views upon anyone ever

  • I was born and raised catholic but I don't associate with it just the morals and teachings since that is what basically God wants us to do. be good and caring and selfless If that is what you mean by God in the center then yeah if not then no

  • guess most catholics want catholics only... no?


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