What do you think about this girl I like?

She loves to play games on my phone, I always make jokes with her and she laughs because they're just terrible lol. She's very "hot" and since I'm moving to another school most likely I got her number 2day. We take pictures of each other, she always seems to want to talk to me when I'm alone. I'm kinda scared to like her since I'm moving schools but she loves beating me on steam. We literally talk everyday except for Sunday's lol. She curses but not all the time like once a day. She thinks she's mean but she's not all that mean. I smile when she smiles and she has this magical puppy face that makes me laugh like the joker. She still doesn't want me to send her the turning off IPhone text. She's probably a 10/10 for you guys that like judging girls by numbers and 9.97/10 in personality lol. I laugh when she gets in trouble, she got in trouble by using my phone which I let her lol. I think she knows my password. I live in Newark, NJ


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  • How far are you moving? I'm sure you'll still be able to meet her if you plan to keep in touch with her.

    • I currently live in Newark and I'm going to Seton Hall (the hs) which is like 13 miles away no that far but I probably won't see her as much

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    • She knows now lol, I was just texting my friend from another school

    • Okay, that's great!

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