Girls, When you met a Random guy for the first time and talked to him for a few minutes ( 5-10 minutes) , how did you decide this situation?

If you have met a Random guy for the first time who you think is Hot and had a short conversation (5-10 minutes) , why HAVEN'T you found him sexually attractive?

Girls your opinion please.



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  • Maybe he's as dumb as rocks. Maybe he smells. Maybe he's rude. Maybe he spits when he talks. Maybe he's as boring as watching paint dry. Maybe he comes across as not attracted to women.

    • Thanks:) I have a friend who is good-looking. He has women approaching him , but they say he is nice but they never ask him to bang them... However those girls aggressively ask other guys to bang them.

      So why isn't my good-looking friend asked to have sex?

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    • I get that you're sad about not being asked to prom or whatever but this is a farce.

    • I just thought what might be the reason... but I am not trying to make a deal of it... But thanks for being patient:)


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  • Personally, I'm not a huge fan of sex, to begin with. If I've only had a short conversation with you, and my agenda DOESN'T involve sex, I don't give enough of a damn to explore whether you're sexually attractive to me or not.

    That's my personal opinion, but then again, I think the mind is sexier than the abs.

    • Thanks:) When you have a short conversation it's hard for a girl to bring out an agenda on Sex... coz it might be awkward?

  • Maybe he wears too much jewelry or cologne? Maybe he's rude to me or the staff? Heck maybe his body language or the way he talks makes me uncomfortable. There are a ton of things that can turn a girl off.

    • Thanks:) If he seems nervous and a bit quiet does that turn you off?

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    • I was just wondering what is your instinct about this... just an idea?

    • I honestly have no idea.

  • I know within seconds of I find someone sexually attractive or not

    • Thank you:) Even if you find him Hot?

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    • Maybe the girls learned from their prior behaviour and the reaction of your friend.

    • the thing is it the girls didn't act aggressive towards my friend the first time they met him and the same girl acted aggressive towards the other guy the first time they met him... so I don't know why?

  • Well even though we were talking for those moments, he could still be kind of shy/reserved. I am a shy girl, so I do not open up fast. If he is interesting, nice and funny I would like to get to know him more, though. I usually get sexually attracted after a longer period than just a few minutes.

    If he wears a lot of jewelry, is self absorbed about his looks, is rude, pessimistic or things like that, I will be turned off quickly.